Our Story

The backstory of Francisco Valencia

From the age of 22-26 years old I was using steroids because I was insecure and wanted to look a certain way. Steroids have many bad side effects they change the way you think and they destroy you from the inside out. I dealt with a lot or anger and pain while abusing this drugs. I was an abusive person and made bad decisions because my reality was alter due to this chemicals. I decide to make a change in 2019 for the better and drop cold turkey everything I was taking. This changed my body and it was like starting my fitness journey all over from ZERO. I regret ever taking this stuff but I know it was for the better. Fast forward to know I have a different perspective about it and I had to push my limits to get where I am physically now. Thankfully I had all the knowledge about the nutrition and work out routines.

Objective: My objective now is to be a leader and teach the younger generations about it. This subject is kept in the dark. Man and woman don’t talk about because it’s look down upon. 80% of the fitness industry is BS and are not being real with what they are taking to obtain the bodies they have. This creates a perspective for people that you are not good enough because you don’t have that perfect body. I want to be vulnerable and open about this because it needs to be put out there. I know I am going to get judge but I don’t care because it will help people about the seriousness of this. Even if it helps one person it is worth for me.

I come from a place of love and respect this Beyond Torro Fitness

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If you ever need to help with motivation or pushing yourself in life. Shoot me a message. I am here to help and spread love and positivity. I can give you the knowledge on how you can build that ARMORED mindset with a structured work out routine and an unstoppable way of thinking .

“AGAINTS ALL ODDS” is our motto.